Coyote Trail Adventures Secret Sauce

If you're thinking, "why pay for a trip when I can do these rides on my own?"  Travel is all about the “what-ifs” and CTA takes the guesswork out of the dirt bike adventure.  Here are a few good reasons to choose CTA:  

  • Ride with an Expert – it takes years of riding different areas, trying different routes and learning what is the best of the best to see and ride.  Our guides have a passion for motorcycles and have connected with hundreds of people and numerous groups and associations to learn the “secret places only locals know about.”  We also keep up on the areas that may have been recently closed or restricted that could inconvenience a ride. And another great benefit is if a guest wants to amp it up or tone it down in what they are riding, your guide can easily modify the ride as needed.  
  • Reduce complications – what’s better than to “just ride” and let someone else worry about the trip logistics such as where is the next gas stop, finding good food and lodging, having to carry food/water/gas for the day, or being loaded down with tools in case something breaks.  When you ride with our professionals, those trip troubles melt away.  
  • Support – ever been on a ride where someone breaks down and now the entire ride is disrupted for the day or even the whole trip?  With our chase truck support, we can get guests back in action quick and we even carry spare bikes.  What is another added benefit is our chase truck meets at planned stops during the day to provide moments to refuel, refill camel backs, grab snacks and just relax in style.   We are all about the details and our guests’ satisfaction.  
  • Bikes – if you are flying in from out of town, don’t own a bike, have a bike with limited range, or don’t have a bike with a plate, our well-maintained and trip-tested fleet of motorcycles is the answer. If you are on a ride with your own bike and it breaks down, we will have spare bikes so you don’t miss a beat.  
  • Gear – hate flying with a 50-pound bag of moto gear?  We have everything – all different styles and sizes.  We let guests try on everything before the ride to ensure they have the gear that works for them.  
  • Group Size and the Personal Touch – We can provide our services for larger rider groups, but when you are a small group, we believe you should not get lost in a sea of riders and dust. We have found that 4-8 riders allows the group to travel at a good pace and to have that solid comradery with friends.  We also believe that no two tours are the same – we design rides for what guests are most interested in seeing and the terrain they want to experience.
  • Still not convinced? You should read this customer review!

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