Bikes Available for an All Inclusive Ride

We have a variety of bikes available for our rides. We are extremely proud of our bikes and the condition they are kept in. For example, we run Nitromousse tubes in the both the front and back tires - they are expensive, but flats really suck and we want you to have an awesome time!  There are even options of lowered seats, linkages, etc. on some bikes to help our riders with a better fit!   

If you would like to bring your own bike on a tour, please review the preparation requirements we have for your bike.

Our bikes (nearly all are dual sports) include the following performance upgrades:

  • Oversize gas tank (as needed)
  • Enduro Engineering skid plate
  • O-Ring chain
  • Nuetech Nitro Mousse with a Moto Z or Kenda tire
  • All bikes protected by Maxima lubricants
  • Enduro Engineering handguards

Choose your bike



This bike has been the best all around bike and has been chosen by approximately 80% of our riders. Some riders have started out our rides on the KTM 500 and ended up moving to the KTM 350 because it was just too fatiguing to be over-powered by the KTM 500 for multiple days.



This bike is really best suited for a larger-statured, intermediate rider. Many people when given the choice of the KTM 350 or 500, they think bigger must be better. However, given the variability in terrain difficulty and  rider experience, this is definitely not the right way to think about these bikes.  It is certainly a great bike for the intermediate/advanced rider who can control the power successfully in both fast and technical trails - especially when tired. It is no fun making a mistake on an overpowered bike and spending the rest of your vacation in a hospital. The KTM 350s are more forgiving for all sorts of rider errors. 

Honda CRF250X


This bike has been enjoyed by every level of riding ability - beginning to expert riders. By far this is our best beginner to novice bike because there is plenty of smooth, controllable power without putting a less experienced rider in harms way. This bike has full capabilities to be lowered both with a Kouba Link and a shortened seat which has been a godsend to some of our riders! 

Coyote Trail Adventures Tour Agreement

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