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Lynden M., Just Show up and Get Ready to Have Some Fun!

Three of us did the 2-day Mojave ride. We can't say enough positive things about the experience. From the bikes to the food to the company it was first-class the whole way through. What really sets them apart is their knowledge of the area, their attention to the needs of the customers, and their ability to set a ride pace that was matched perfectly to our skill levels. They sweat the small stuff and all we had to do was show up and have fun. Can't wait to ride again with them!

Customer review that says it all!

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3-day CTA adventure (pdf)


Short video compilation from a happy customer!

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Shawn C., Amazing Adventure!

I wanted to say thank you for the amazing adventure a few weeks ago. I had a weekend never to be forgotten as the ride was amazing. Coyote Trail Adventures runs first rate dirt bike tours and would recommend to any Moto Crazed individual. Thanks again and I look forward to spending more weekends in the future adventuring with Coyote Trail Adventures!

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Full disclosure: When Danny and I signed up for @coyotetrailadventures we fully expected a sketchy dude with two beat up bikes to meet us at a murder point in the desert. We were completely taken by surprise by the awesome five star experience: perfectly maintained KTM and Husqvarna bikes that ate up every sandy rocky whoop and hill climb, we were shuttled out of a beautiful home complete with donkeys and any size (clean) gear you needed while munching on freshly baked muffins and cookies. John and Steven babied us until we felt comfortable on the new bikes in the new terrain and then proceeded to kick our butts when we asked for it. Lunch had everything you wanted from salt tablets to energy bars to vegan friendly fare. If you needed anything, it was in a backpack being carried for you. I felt so pampered it was uncomfortable but I definitely settled into my new tired desert princess lifestyle. Steven, John and Jen created an amazing moto life out here  in the desert and we are so grateful they share their wisdom, experience, riding trails and beautiful desert home with us riders who would otherwise not get to ride in such plush conditions if at all. In such an expanse of hot desert, it would be easy to get very lost and fall 300 feet down a mineshaft but Steve and John masterfully entertained the different skill levels taking the boys to the edge of their abilities leaving Danny wide-eyed and needing a break. Definitely returning for the 3 day ride. #desertriding #california #motoadventures #dualsportride #desert #ktm #husqvarna #joshuatree

John W., We had an absolute blast...

 Steve and Jennifer, 


I just wanted to let you know what a great time Carter and I had on the 2 day Mojave trip. 


I was real busy before the trip so I didn’t do much research before I reserved it.  Both Carter and I were absolutely blown away with the over the top service.  The ride, cabins, food, open bar, and conversation around the fire were much more than we could have every expected.


As you know, Carter and I have been spoiled by great dirt biking in Colorado, however, the Mojave terrain was much more fun and technical than I expected.  Harold, Robin, Nick were so fun to ride with and Steve  Hammer in the chase vehicle (with hot pizza) was perfect..


I have already talked to several riding buddies and we are already planning a Spring 2020 trip to come see you again.  


So looking forward to seeing you soon,




John U., Perfect Trip! March 2019

Coyote Trail Adventures Review

Note: Many others have done a great job explaining the ride itself and I had a similarly awesome experience. In this review, I wanted to cover some of the logistics aspects for those that may be interested in joining for a ride and wanted some more information on what to expect. 

I rode the late March 2019 3-day Mojave moto with Coyote Trail Adventures. The ride was with myself, my two brothers and a close friend. We did not need a guide as we knew where we wanted to ride. We originally started looking into the trip a few months in advance and did the detailed planning a few weeks in advance. All along, the organizers Steve, and Jen were available for e-mail, and phone communication and they answered all our questions in preparation.

The crew and their friends deserve a huge THANK YOU. They all worked flawlessly together to make this experience top notch. The people involved were Steve, John, Jen, Charlie and some friends Tim and Lea. Steve is the owner and main assistant on the trip. He has great knowledge and we came in from our rides, he was very helpful if we were having problems. Throughout the weekend Steve motivated, taught, explained, and assisted us through the days with ease and he genuinely had a great time while doing it. John, another lifelong veteran of riding in the desert, was helpful throughout of the trip. He maintains the bikes and is the chase truck mechanic if things come up. . John had a very professional and experienced approach while being fun and good company. Jen did not come on the ride, but she was our contact helping with arrangements. She was there to greet us when we arrived for the ride and after, when we were done. She made the logistics easy. Charlie was the chase van driver. He setup a nice array of supplies and food at each stop. He made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed before, during and after each ride. I rode in the van for one afternoon and he showed me some sights on the way back to the cabins.  It was great to see the community of riders at work, and how we would meet up and hang out. As mentioned, all of the crew and friends were also great company. We had days of interesting conversation and funny stories. We all seemed to click very well. Everyone involved deserve applause as they made this a truly memorable trip, and one I will do again.

Coyote Trail Adventures also had a great stock of equipment and supplies for the ride. The bikes were in excellent shape. They were meticulously maintained and ran great. Some of the riders in our trip were able to trade bikes, try bikes they were interested in, and make the decision on what they liked best. I’m short, and after talking to me about the ride, they adjusted the bike at lunch by installing a lowering link and a lowered seat. It made a huge difference, and that alone was a huge value from them. The fact that they had these parts on hand when we were 60 miles along our trip was an example of how well prepared, they were. On the 2nd day, my hydration pack failed. They had 2 extras on hand with the dates they were sanitized on the bags they were stored in. Again, great support for the riders on the trip. As far as the typical clothing and protection equipment, Coyote Trail Adventures had everything needed if you don’t have your own.

In addition to being well equipped, and with the right equipment, Coyote Trail Adventures put together a great plan for the trip and was able to be flexible with the plan as we knew where we wanted to ride. All rides included assistance support on chase truck meetings. They were in constant communication with us.   They were constantly checking up on the riders to make sure we were in good shape, ready to continue at each chase truck stop, and didn’t need anything else otherwise. All-in-all, they were excellent help.

The choices on where we decided to go were perfect, we had a variety of terrain, and trail difficulty. We were able to constantly tailor our ride to our desires and abilities with their suggestions. There are many reasons I will be going back to take another ride with Coyote Trail Adventures, and the ability to see so many new and different things is

one of them. Three days obviously is not enough to see it all.

Food and lodging alone is another reason to take this trip. We went to some nice little cottages about 120 miles away from our starting point. The road the cottages were on was not busy, maybe 3-5 cars passed by per day. The cottages were set in an area between two hills that had old abandoned mines scattered along them. They were really cool, and if I go back, I’d like to go explore one of the mines. I didn’t take the time to during this trip. The cottages were nice and clean, and brand new.

There was an outdoor fireplace which we lit each evening and morning. There was a bath house with two nice new showers and toilet stalls, and sinks. All was very comfortable and clean. Dinner and breakfast was cooked in a separate building with some tables and a bar that the food was laid out on buffet style. During the planning for the trip we discussed food options and if there was anything special we needed or wanted for the trip. We had Mexican one night and steaks the next night. We also had salad and we had various other items. It was all perfect. Great food, great conversation, excellent atmosphere. I couldn’t have asked for more from the food and lodging. As I said, just this alone was a reason to go and have a nice vacation “off the grid” with nice amenities.

In conclusion, there was not a single aspect of this trip that I would have changed. Literally every aspect of this vacation was perfect. The people, the equipment, the plan, the ride, the food, the lodging were all top-notch. This was the best time I’ve had in years, and I plan on coming back as often as I can.

Thank You Coyote Trail Adventures!!



Eitan K., Great Weekend!! Dec 2018

“We did a two day ride that included areas around Death Valley. Six riders, two assistance people who met us at each chase truck stop which was an excellent chase truck crew. Steve and Jen run a first class operation with everything you can think of and many things you wouldn’t even know you need. I consider myself a decent rider as I raced in my 20’s but I travel a lot for work and don’t go out with the bike that often anymore. The good thing is that there is absolutely no pressure to make times at the stops. I was pacing myself most of the time but pushed when I felt like it and it was awesome - they always waited for us. Great trails, good lunch breaks, excellent steaks for dinner and great company! Couldn’t get this smile off my face the whole time!“


Bryar, Factory Effex Inc.

This was an epic ride - 2017- April 28, 29 and 30th ride.  3 days of great sights, trails, and comradery. I can ride pretty decent, as I was a past MX Pro, raced a few Baja's, and have been on many a big epic rides. The trip was worked out perfectly, ride times, breaks, lunches and dinners, chase truck meeting spots, sleep overs, etc.  The pace we chose could be altered to match what was good for the group as the chase truck would wait and they had  plenty of check-ins.  You really feel a part of the group and connected. There are always issues that you encounter with a ride of this magnitude, and we had some come up, but all were solved with helpful intentions.   This is one big reason to do these huge rides with a knowledgeable team and with a ride company. You are going into the wilderness, huge vast sections on land, doing big mileage, and you want a smooth adventure. Mapping this out yourself is great, when you know you have the right support crew at each point you planned on.  I will be back with these guys again, as I know it will be epic and smooth adventure. I can't recommend the Coyote Adventure Tours enough.


Joe C., Event Coordinator, “The Meghan Ride” Fundraising or the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

As a rider, I have had the privilege of following Steve Walker on many off-road motorcycle adventures over the years and I must say he is an expert guide as well as a very understanding leader.  I do not share near the skill set that Steve does in his riding, yet he was very patient with me as well as instructional.  He understood my needs and planned for them in our routes.  The challenges he provided were both exciting and difficult, yet well within my skill level.  The thing that sticks out in my mind the most when riding with Steve is that just as you become comfortable in the route you are on, he presents you with a dramatic change the demands your focus once again.  His routes are never dull or ordinary.     I fully recommend Coyote Trail Adventures for your next trip, if you like challenges and are open to excitement!

Steve Walker has been the course designer for our annual charity event held in the Spangler OHV area for over 8 years now.  He has presented our group with many fantastic adventures, to which many of our riders still speak of today.  He takes you on trails that are fun, challenging and often times awe inspiring.  His knowledge of the California desert riding areas is second to none and his ability to find areas most might miss is uncanny.  Our group of riders has grown from 75 when Steve and I took it over to over 220 participants who eagerly look forward to following Steve’s path.


Renee L.

I am a pretty new rider, Steve and Jen had a great amount of patience, and advice as our day progressed.  I was also able to observe a bit of what the advanced groups of friends were doing and then Steve would help me with ideas at stops. Very impressive group!  Getting assistance from pros at the break stops was essential for a smooth ride. It definitely enhances a happy ride!


Ken N.

We had an outstanding 3 day ride with 8 riders and one chase member from Mojave to Paniment Springs into Death Valley and ended in Trona. This is why I ride, to explore and discover history. I planned the ride and Steve Walker planned where the stop points would be best. He has laid out the last few Lost Coyotes Dual Sport events and is a true motorcycle enthusiast. He may be a pro level rider but his passion to share the adventure with others by being the greatest ride support lets him enjoy the ride at anyone's skill level.. Get a few friends together and give him a call. He will set up an adventure you will not soon forget. 


Dan J.

Death Valley Ride Weekend I just got home from a 3 day ride with Steve Walkers Coyote Trail Adventures . We rode 450 miles of desert to Panamint and it was spectacular. Steve picks great chase truck stops for our groups where he can point out historical areas and natural points of interest along the way which for me is one of the highlights of the trip. Not having to worry about fuel and meals and lodging which was handled by Jennifer Walker throughout the ride was great . I can't wait for the next ride!


Tim A.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to ride with Steve and Friends. The trip was awesome for this "Old Timer". Steve and Jenn took care of our every need. Jenn and Lea provided chase responsibilities and served up some awesome lunches. Steve, John Sides and Gil Busick provided extra support for me during the tough times at the chase truck stops and I especially thank them for the understanding and support. So for those of you thinking about doing an extended ride through some of the most beautiful country in the world and may not think you are up to it, look to Steve for help and assistance. He and his team made my trip the "Ride of my Life" this past weekend.


Great Training Ride!

Dear Steve and Jenn, Thank you for supporting me on my Saturday ride. Your choices of chase truck stops was perfect. I had a blast and feel more confident on my bike. As a new rider I really appreciate your patience and encouragement when I would explain issues at our ride stops. You are both very kind and excellent teachers. You're a great team! I felt very welcome. Looking forward to working up to being able to do a 1 day ride with a group with you guys. Thanks for a great experience! 


Friend Get Together!

Coyote Trail Adventures way exceeded my expectations. I went with two buddies. One guy rented, another brought his own, and I rented for 2 days and rode mine for one, which gave me the opportunity to try a few different bikes. Afterward I bought a new bike because I had so much fun. The chase truck instructions were excellent. They were very knowledgeable about bikes and the massive terrain. They gave me tips that were helpful and they are accomplished mechanics. Lodging was perfect we each got a small cabin with shared shower, dining and restroom areas. All very nice.   Food was great. Everything was supported. I cant wait to go back!  Rich M.


3-Day Vegas Ride was Awesome!

Four of us did a 3 day ride from Lancaster to Vegas with his chase truck crew. What an amazing experience and adventure, top level service all around. Amazing riding, amazing locations. I really do not know how to put it all into words. Book with confidence, you will not be disappointed. You will have the riding adventure you will remember forever and the pictures to prove it.  Adrian


Definitely Coming Back!


I had such an awesome time the other week on the 3 day ride from Palmdale to Vegas.  The experience far exceeded my expectations. Steve and John were excellent help and coaches.  It blew my mind how much they both knew of the region.  I left being a more skilled rider with their advice at the chase truck stops, more confident and with memories I'll never forget.   I can't wait to schedule my next trip with you guys.