Frequently Asked Questions

Administrative Questions

Is a security deposit required at the time of pickup or start of the event?

Yes, at the time of pick up for any rental motorcycle, you will be required to leave a credit card security deposit with Coyote Trail Adventures L.L.C.. 

Do I need to have special or extra health insurance? 

You are required to have health insurance before riding with Coyote Trail Adventures L.L.C. You should thoroughly explore your insurance provisions as some will not cover you in foreign countries. We strongly recommend that you take out sufficient travel insurance that includes Medical, Evacuation and Repatriation coverage and that you extend your coverage to include Trip Cancellation. It is best to be prepared for the unexpected. 

What is an International permit and do I need one? How do I get an international permit? 

All renters of a street legal motorcycle and participants of a dual sport tour must have a valid original motorcycle endorsed driver’s license which needs to be presented at time of the motorcycle pickup/tour. Not all tours require a motorcycle license, please speak with us about the requirements for the tour you are interested in. We will not accept learner permits even if you are with your parent/legal guardian. Driver’s license printed that are not in English must be complemented by an international driver’s license. You can obtain an international permit through your local auto club such as AAA. 

What is a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)? 

The CDW policies sold by insurance companies cover a policyholder and not a SPECIFIC rented vehicle so they will cover all rented vehicles used by the policyholder within the life period of the policy. CDW limits the renter’s responsibility to a set maximum amount in the event of damage. We recommend this insurance coverage. Without the CDW, the renter is responsible for all damage or loss to the motorcycle. Sometimes your credit card includes this sort of coverage. If you already have comprehensive insurance on a street legal motorcycle, often times these policies will cover a motorcycle rental. You should research this coverage before your trip.

Is mandatory motorcycle insurance needed for street-legal dual sport bikes? 

Yes. Coyote Trail Adventures has commercial fleet insurance that meets the legal liability insurance requirements in California.   

What’s the cancellation fee, payment due date and refund policy? 

  • Reservation deposit required at time of booking to secure – $300 per person 
  • At approximately 35 days, Coyote Trail Adventures L.L.C. will confirm if there are any changes to the ride 
  • If rider cancels 31 days or more before the first day of tour = full refund minus 3-5% Paypal Fee 
  • 30 days = remaining (full) payment due for reservation  If rider cancels within 30 days or less of first day of tour = 100% of deposit is surrendered or may be applied to a future ride at Coyote Trail Adventures L.L.C. discretion. Any additional payments towards the tour may be 100% refunded minus the 3-5% Paypal Fee.  
  • NO SHOWS = 100% of total booking amount is surrendered 

Changes to ride: Verbal changes of contract are invalid unless confirmed in writing. Changes must be requested by email; changes by phone will not be accepted.  Any date changes may be subject to the cancellation policy above.  

What happens if I do not make full payment when required? 

If the final payment is not received by the specified date, Coyote Trail Adventures L.L.C. has the right to treat this reservation as cancelled and you will lose your entire reservation deposit payment. See Terms and Conditions for more information (bottom of page).

What, if I need to change my booking date or group numbers? 

Changes must be requested by email or by phone as soon as possible. Client-requested changes to dates, number of riders, type of tour, etc. could be subject to a cancellation fee. 

What happens if I am not able to arrive on the scheduled date because of acts of god (i.e. beyond control my control)? 

The cancellation fee will still apply. If you are late to the scheduled date/time, we will not provide a refund.  If you are late for your scheduled ride/tour, we will do our best to help you in a reasonable way to receive the remainder of the services booked for the time remaining when you arrive. Trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended to ensure the unexpected is covered. 

What happens to our reservation if the minimum number of participants is not reached for a tour? 

If a tour has not reached the minimum participants needed for a ride, we will inform you about your options at 35 days prior to the start of the event. When we notify you, we will discuss different alternatives (could be combinations of the following):  an increased rate, different route, changed service options, postponement of the event date, cancellation of the event, etc. If your trip is based solely on this tour experience, we strongly recommend that you buy your airline tickets or non-refundable accommodations within 34 days.



Motorcycle Rental and Insurance Questions

How early should I book a motorcycle ride/tour? 

Depending on the time of year and type of ride, the tours could book quickly and early.  The high season for Southern California riding is normally September through May. Note the mountain rides are typically not possible in the winter due to snow. We suggest call us to discuss ride options as soon as you know what you want. 

What, if I arrive for my tour and do not have a valid motorcycle license which is required for my tour or valid passport? 

There are no refunds.   If you don’t arrive on the scheduled date with the proper documentation, then you will not be able to ride. All renters of a street legal motorcycle and participants of a dual sport tour must have a valid original motorcycle endorsed driver’s license which needs to be presented at time of the motorcycle tour. All riders with a non-US driver’s license must provide a valid Passport or a valid government-issued ID card as a secondary form of ID at the time of pickup. Driver’s license that are not printed in English must be complemented by an international driver’s license. You can obtain an international permit through your local auto club such as AAA.  

Do I get a refund if I return my motorcycle earlier or I end a tour early? 

There are no refunds for early returns, unused fuel, missed meals, etc. There are no refunds when you request changes at the time of your pick-up to shorten your ride/tour. 


Questions about dirt bikes


What type of dirt bikes do you allow on your tours? 

Non-plated bikes are allowed on some tours, but they need to have a green sticker (red sticker bikes will not be allowed) with current registration.  The gas tank also needs to be large enough to travel at least 75 miles.  For dual-sport tours/rides, the routes we ride require all bikes to be street legal, so green sticker bikes will not be permissible on those tours. 

Are two-stroke bikes allowed on your rides? 

We can accommodate two-stroke bikes on most rides. For the dual sport rides, you may bring your two-stroke, but it needs to meet our gas mileage (75 miles) and have proper insurance and current registration.


Questions about motorcycle tours


How much advanced notice do you need to book a day ride? 

We recommend that you book as early as possible to ensure you can book the date you want, but we often times can arrange rides with as little as 5 days’ notice. Call us and we will try to work with your schedule.   

How can I judge what level rider I am? 

We want people to be comfortable as possible on our rides.  We can tailor rides to your physical conditioning, experience with certain terrain, and number of miles we ride per day.  Please visit our page that describes the riding levels as we understand them.

Ability Levels are Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Expert.

Here are some considerations: 

  • Our rides can vary from technical rocks, up-hills, challenging sand washes or we can keep the ride to simpler, two-track and mild single track trails. We can also vary the ride so that people have breaks in between more technical riding.   
  • The typical daily mileage for our two and three-day rides is approximately 120-150 miles. 

We encourage you to discuss with us your riding capabilities for you and your group to ensure we can tailor the ride to the experience you are looking for.


Terms & Conditions for CTA Moto Tours

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