Coyote Team


Welcome to Coyote Trail Adventures L.L.C.! Our experienced guides have been off-road riding and promoting dual sport off-road events in the Mojave Desert for many years. We have set up dirt bike events ranging from beginner to expert rides. We have excellent skills at reading our riders and ensuring that we are providing the experience they are looking for with just the right amount of challenging terrain, but we also keep safety as the first priority. 


Steve Walker

Motorcycles have been a main part of my life since I was 9 years old with my first bike being a 1972 Honda SL-70.  I turned pro at the age of 14 and in 1987, I earned the #1 Open Expert District 38 title. I was lucky enough to grow up in El Cajon, CA at the time of the famous "Cajon Zone" where I rode with Ricky Johnson, Broc Glover, Ron Lechien, and Scott Burnworth. 

I have enjoyed many years of both motocross and desert off-road racing both in Mexico and throughout the US. I feel fortunate for the 20 plus years of offroad racing experiences that I have had in the high desert and I want to help other people experience all the amazing places I seen. 

In 2005, I began riding dual sport motorcycles and realized that a whole new world was out there! Currently, I ride and help set up several events each year. Today I am lucky enough to share these amazing rides with my wife .

Over the past 15 years, I have experienced dirt bike trips to the Rim of the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, jungles of Bali, Indonesia, Island of Kauii and followed Tim Morton through hundreds miles in Baja. Some of our treks have been through the back country of the Eastern Sierra Nevada where you can't help but smile the entire time!

Tony and I met each other over 20 years ago and found that we make a great team. We each share the passion to make your dirt bike experience the ride of your life!


John Sides

I have been around motorcycles my entire life. At the age of 13, I started racing and competed in District 37 through 2010 where I then moved to Dual Sport events. I have ridden extensively throughout the western half of the US and Mexico.  I even took a trials riding workshop in Tennesee. From my first race on a Hodaka 100 to last weekend's adventure, I have experienced almost everything the off road world has to offer!  I have had an absolute blast over the last 5 years with dual sport riding and learning/competing in trials riding events. Life on two wheels just gets better and better every year! 

I strive to make every ride fun by catering to the skill of each rider, providing trailside coaching and cheerleading when needed. I am also fantastic at performing kickstand tire changes!  You are good hands with me as the Leader or as your Sweep! 


Tony Pulliam

My motorcycle adventures started when I was 10 years and I received a mini bike for Christmas. I would ride with my friends, but I found that I could not keep up with them. I took the money that saved from my paper route and bought a used 1971 Yamaha DT1 250. My mom was not happy at all as I could not even touch the ground. I rode the hills of Sunland Tujunga, California and the 210 freeway while it was under construction. In 1977, my family and I moved to Palmdale California. I was extremely fortunate to live in the foothills because the riding was unlimited. 

In 1980 I bought a 1978 YZ125 and started racing motocross. By 1982 I was racing 250 Pro class. In 1985, my wife Bonny and I opened a motorcycle shop called Riders Choice. I have had the awesome opportunity in the last 32 years to ride with legends such as Malcolm Smith, Greg Albertyn, Dick Burlson, Ty Davis and many more. 

I have rode in places like Baja Mexico, Hawaii, the Colorado mountains and all over Southern California. I enjoy riding, teaching and simply sharing experiences with all types of riders. There is nothing better than relating the memorable stories with each adventure. I will ride as long as I possibly can because there is nothing better!


Gil Busick

I have been heavily involved in dual sporting since 2000 and have layed out the route for the LaB2V  (Los Angeles Barstow to Vegas) ride since 2006.  I am a past Vice President, Secretary and Rider Rep for the District 37 AMA Dual Sport committee (main Southern California motorcycle riding and racing association).  I am currently on the board of the Big Bear Trail Riders club.  I am extremely familiar with GPS mapping and have been providing GPS downloads at dual sport events since 2003.  I regularly ride dirt bikes throughout 8 western states of the US.  I currently ride a 2013 KTM 500exc with 29,000 miles on it. Needless to say I love to ride and look forward to giving others the chance to experience the amazing California terrain that I have!


Steve's wife Jennifer

She is often times communicating with you about our ride and handling the back office, however, she may also be your chase truck driver!