Products We Use and Rave About


Maxima Oil is the most reliable lubricant on the market and we would not use anything else. Our bikes travel 1000s of miles in a year and this lubricant protects our engines to the very end!


This company designed our bike graphics and produces our logo stickers. They are the finest bike graphics world-wide - high quality, durable, creative! We just love Factory Effex and would use no one else for our graphics!!!  

Ride with us and get your discount!!!


The aftermarket products are simply awesome - we use their products on all our bikes. We cannot rave enough about their handguards - we truly put them to the test and they have alway stood up to the toughest moments on our dirt bike!


We could not be happier with our radios! They have saved us so many times on our rides. We are more efficient, safe and effective with our customers.  We are sad we waited so long to get helmet radios and we could not recommend this product more!


This is a great product to make sure your front moto tire does not slip while transporting. We use them on our trailer and on our truck!


Wolfman makes some of the finest motorcycle saddle bags and travel accessories around!!  We really test these bags with our tours and people LOVE them! We equip many of our bikes with wolfman products - takes the weight off your back and allows you to carry the tools you really need on offroad tours!  Ride with us and get a discount!

We love SRT parts and accessories. They hold up against the toughest elements!

We love SRT parts and accessories. They hold up against the toughest elements!  The guys at SRT are also awesome to work with - they always have what we need and find creative solutions!


We absolutely LOVE Day Wireless Systems for our satellite phone rentals. They are always helpful, flexible, friendly and take their customer service very serious. They offer great equipment and make sure you know how to operate the phones. The rates are very affordable and having a phone on the trail is so important for safety of our riders!