What Riding Level are You?

It is extremely important that you are honest with yourself and our CTA team about your riding level.  We want you to have a fun, safe experience and matching your riding ability to the ride difficulty is the first step to meeting that goal. Please note that as you review the descriptions below - when we say "comfortable" we mean that you have ridden that type of riding so often that you no longer have to think about the mechancis of your riding techniques (they are completely natural). 

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Description of Riding Levels for Coyote Trail Adventures


  • Have less than 6 months of riding experience
  • Have only ridden a large adventure bike on dirt roads that jeeps can travel on
  • Have trouble with operating the throttle, brake and clutch at times
  • Stall the bike frequently
  • Do not routinely stand while riding (uncomfortable with standing)
  • Use a lot of energy controlling the bike and get tired after a couple of hours of riding
  • Would prefer to ride flat, simple trails/roads 
  • Highly fearful/nervous of hills and would prefer to avoid them
  • We recommend a one-day before taking on a multi-day 


  • Comfortable with all operating controls on the motorcycle while standing up
  • Comfortable riding single track, deep sand washes, and loose rocks
  • Able to ride up and down moderately steep hills and typically avoid super steep hills
  • Able to ride up to 4-6 hours with some breaks
  • Comfortable riding at speed in the dirt in 4th/5th gear when conditions warrant
  • You rarely stall the bike
  • You are riding every other month at minimum

Video examples of novice riding

Video #1

Video #2


  • Comfortable with most all conditions such as weather, large rocks, narrow trails, steep downhills and uphills with turns
  • Comfortable using front and rear brakes simultaneously, skidding and controlling your turns at speed
  • Able to ride in deep sand for long distances
  • Able to ride rock where first gear is necessary or at speed with steep hill climbs
  • Comfortable with single track with ledges and steep off-camber trails with vertical cliffs on one side
  • Can and have spent 6-8 hours on a bike frequently without extreme fatigue
  • May have raced dirt bikes at some point 
  • You are riding typically once a month

Video clip examples of intermediate riding

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4

Video #5

Video #6


  • You can do everything described in the intermediate category
  • You are a highly technical rider and typically help everyone else get up hills or across difficult terrain
  • You have experienced all types of terrain and are typically the person that can get a bike across just about anything
  • You are extremely confortable at riding single track with rocks and sand at speed for hours
  • You likely competed in dirt bike races and placed on the podium frequently
  • You ride now at least once a month in technical terrain for the entire day

Video clip examples of expert riding

Video #1

Video #2