Scheduled Event

3-Day Mojave Moto

2018 Dates

Feb 8-10 - FULL

April 6-8 - intermediate to expert level - FULL

April 13-15 - FULL

May 25-27

Sept 14-16

Oct 5-7 - FULL

Nov 2-4

Dec 7-9

2-Day Mojave Moto

2018 Dates

February 24-25

April 28-29

May 11-12 - FULL

2-Day Bishop Ride

3-Day Palmdale to Vegas Dual Sport Ride

2018 Dates

March 8-11 (you can return from Las Vegas on March 12 or we can transport you to Lancaster that day) - FULL

Sept 28-30

River Run

2018 Dates

May 11-13

1-Day Rides

These rides are scheduled around your convenience.

Design your own special trip

One-day ride dates are arranged per your request. For two riders, it is $200 with your bike and $360 with a rental bike (tax not included). This will include breakfast and lunch. 

If you have less than four riders, the price per rider will be higher. We are happy to discuss your individual group needs. The day rides will include lunch and transport from Lancaster to the riding destination.  

Please contact us if you have specific dates in mind for your riding group. We are happy to make arrangements for different dates.